Date:  MARCH 28, 2020

CITY: Arlington, TX


(On The Campus of UTA –  The University of Texas at Arlington)

601 Center Street · Arlington, TX 76010

Time:  5:00PM


In times when hope can be few and far between, Stomp Wars is giving kids the opportunity along with the necessary resources to make something outstanding of their lives. Stomp Wars, the nation’s largest youth stepping competition, is much bigger than a step show. It’s a college and career pathway framed for students through an extracurricular activity. Since 2007, Stomp Wars has been a rich source of academic advising, mentorship, and physical fitness for our nation’s future leaders, many of whom come from inner cities that they’ve never traveled beyond. The competition is an empowering development process where kids challenge themselves and their peers to do more.

Since the inception of Stomp Wars, the movement has seen an estimated 1400% growth. The art of Stepping dates back to the African Gumboot Dance and has influenced youth from all walks of life and all nationalities to give their hearts to something with positive meaning. There are approximately 2 million African American college students on College campuses around the world who participate on Step teams associated with Greek fraternities & sororities. An additional 1.5 million non-African American college students have added Stepping to their Greek fraternities & sororities on college campuses worldwide therefore INCREASING the diversity of this amazing movement.  Across the country, there are Youth Stepping Programs in an estimated 85% of high schools, middle schools, & elementary schools. Some school districts even offer Stepping as an official class which is getting millions of kids excited about attending school.

Every year, TV/Radio personality and Stomp Wars founder Rocky “Rock-T” Turner hosts the Super Bowl of Youth Stepping that regularly sells out and has at least 6,000 anxious and excited fans in attendance. Stepping pushes these young people to the limit physically and mentally yet they have zero desire to quit or be mediocre. With a $10,000 grand prize and several other wonderful opportunities at stake, these students put in hard work towards their craft and towards their education. Each step team member knows that with the No Pass No Play rule in effect they must stay in school, keep their grades up, and do their absolute best in order to participate. Stepping offers kids a constructive avenue to focus on so that they won’t be tempted to get into trouble or be unproductive.

Stomp Wars allows high school, middle school & elementary school students the opportunity to overcome adversity to be winners. Besides empowering kids to go to school and get out of poverty, Stepping and Stomp Wars is rallying youth together to do something that can change their lives. Every competition gives its participants and its fans hope that through hard work and dedication anyone can achieve a bright future. Some colleges and universities even offer scholarships for talented steppers which present thousands of youth the blessing of being a first generation college student/graduate. Stomp Wars will continue to inspire youth to stomp down the negative barriers that plague our communities and build new positive futures through education and the art of stepping.

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