Stomp Wars 2019

Date:  MARCH 16, 2019

CITY: Arlington, TX


(On The Campus of UTA –  The University of Texas at Arlington)

601 Center Street · Arlington, TX 76010

Time:  5:30PM

Mission Statement


Inspire Youth to STOMP Down the Negative Barriers that Plague our Communities and build New POSITIVE Futures through EDUCATION and the Art of STEPPIN’.

A Brief History of Steppin

gum-2STEPPIN’ can be traced back to the cultural dance traditions of Africa, specifically, the “Gumboot Dance”. They also used Gumboot Dancing to bond and build unity among each other. When Black Greek Letter Organizations on College Campuses were introduced to African gumboot dancing, the name of this historical Art was changed to STEPPIN’. The art of stepping has branched out and caught the attention of many others of all ages and ethnicities and is now produced in many African-American churches, schools, community groups, fraternities, and sororities, as well as Latino, Asian-American, and multicultural greek-letter organizations. Stepping has evolved into a competitive activity and some of its KEY elements are: unity, precision, accuracy, energy, attitude, coordination, synchronization, originality and, especially, rhythm of the performance. It seems that stepping has become universal.