High School & Middle School Step Competition


1. Each team will have a total of 7 minutes to perform; this includes both the introduction
and exit steps. Time begins when the first sound (vocal or deliberate impact) is made by
music or members and ends when members exit the stage. In the case that a team
performs beyond 7 minutes time limit, points will be deducted from the total score as
a. 1- 15 seconds over = 2 points (Per Judge)
b. 16- 30 seconds over = 5 points (Per Judge)
c. 31 seconds and greater = immediately disqualification

A. There will be nine (9) judges, one (1) official timekeeper, and two (2) score
tabulators. In case of technical difficulties or time infractions, judges will be notified.
Teams will not be penalized for technical difficulties.

B. In the event of a tie, or no clear winner for a place, then the prize of that place will be
split between the tying teams and the place announced as a tie.

2. Judges will represent the Divine Nine Greek Organizations and will have stepping and or step
show judging experience. Judges are not paid and participate on a voluntary basis to
support participants and the community. The maximum points a team can receive per judge
is 100. The judges’ decisions are final.

3. Each team is evaluated on 9 different categories totaling 100 points; Introduction (10),
Appearance (10), Precision (10), Difficulty/Complexity (15), Vocal Clarity (10),
Creativity/Originality (15), Transition (10), Enthusiasm/Energy (10) and Overall
Performance (10). Teams should remember that this is a Step competition and not
a Dance competition.

4. The use of gang signs, signals, affiliations or hand signals and calls associated with Greek
letter organizations are not permitted in the performances. A total of 10 points will be
deducted from overall totals.

5. No profanity or sexually explicit content is allowed within any portion of the
event/performance and will result in a score reduction. Sexually explicit behaviors/content
include, and are not limited to, inappropriate removal of clothing, gyrating in a sexual
manner, imitating sexual motions, using music with vulgar sexual lyrics (including
chants/songs), etc. This reduction will not exceed a total of 10 points by each judge.

6. All step team members name must be listed on the registration forms as participants to
be admitted into the show. Other staff or inactive members that are not performing must
pay admission and be seated with the general audience. Only two coaches and two nonstepping
individuals (music assistant and light coordinator) will be allowed to
assist each team (backstage or during the show).

7. No defamation of character or group will be tolerated. This includes defamation on the
basis of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference/lifestyle, economic status, etc. No
belittling of any other team/organization members/groups is allowed. If a Step Team
member, coach, sponsor and or chaperone are found to be unsportsmanlike causing a
disruption to the step show or other step teams, the step team the disruptive member
represents will be disqualified.

8. CO-ED TEAMS ALERT:  Back by Popular demand, We are bringing back our High School CO-ED Division. 

9. The structure and assignment of performance order will be determined by a random

10. The following stage and venue requirements must be adhered to: throwing objects
from the stage or into the audience is prohibited, jumping on or off the stage is prohibited,
teams cannot use pyrotechnics or any other hazardous materials in the show. Any other
special props or requirements must be approved Stomp Wars no less than one month before
event day.

11. Stomp Wars staff and sponsors require that your organization, coaches,
managers, boosters and steppers conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times
during our annual event. Failure to comply with this request will result in your team’s
dismissal, removal from the competition, possibly exclusion from all other future events.
The following WILL NOT be tolerated and will result in your team’s performance being
• Profane language, vulgarity, sexual gestures, inappropriate apparel; music;
language and/or choreography, unsportsmanlike conduct (booing, hissing,
intentional disrespect to staff, sponsors, competing teams, etc…)

12. Each team is solely responsible for ensuring that all music, routines, props, costumes
and all other aspects of the Team’s performance comply with the Official Rules and these
Performance Rules and Regulations and all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

13. Each team must have all music cued on both CD and USB devices. Every team must
have an assigned person to sit with the sound technician during the team’s performance to
provide needed music cues. This person must be the same for rehearsal and performance.
The same applies for any lighting cues.

14. All props and free-standing backdrops must be picked up or taken with the
organization/school after their performance. Music can be picked at the conclusion of the

15. Credentials, wristbands, hand stamps must be worn always throughout the duration of
competition. Members of your organization, other than those specified to perform or
specifically assist with the performance, will not be permitted backstage or on stage any time
during the show.

These rules are subject to change. If changed, all teams will be notified in advance prior to
effective implementation



These rules are subject to change.  If changed, all teams will be notified in advance prior to effective implementation.




This policy provides guidance for teams participating in STOMP WARS 2018 with regards to use of social media, which should be broadly understood for purposes of this policy to include blogs, wikis, microblogs, message boards, chat rooms, electronic newsletters, online forums, social networking sites, and other sites and services that permit users to share information with others in a contemporaneous manner. The rules and this policy extend to chaperones, sponsors and parents of the participating teams.

Failure to comply will be considered violation of our zero tolerance unsportsmanlike policy resulting in further disciplinary action leading up to and including disqualification, forfeiture of prizes, and or permanent ban.

Participating teams, chaperones, sponsors and parents will be referred to as “participants”.


  • Participants should know and adhere to STOMP WARS Official Performance Rules.
  • Participants should be aware of the effect their actions may have on their image, as well as STOMP WARS image.
  • Participants should be aware that ROCKTEEN Youth Foundation and or Stomp Wars USA may observe content and information made available by participants through the various social media platforms. Participants must not post material that contradicts STOMP WARS Zero Tolerance policy as outlined in the STOMP WARS Official Performance Rules.
  • Although not an exclusive list, some specific examples of prohibited social media conduct include posting commentary, content, or images that are defamatory, pornographic, proprietary, harassing, libelous, or that can create a hostile environment. This applies before, during and after STOMP WARS events.
  • Participants are not to publish, post or release any information that is considered confidential or not public. If there are questions about what is considered confidential, participants should check with the STOMP WARS staff.
  • Participants should not post anything that belongs to someone else (proprietary information). This includes illegal music sharing, copyrighted publications, and all logos or other images that trademarked by STOMP WARS USA, ROCKTEEN Youth Foundation and Rock-T Holla Productions LLC and affiliates.